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Pushkar Adventure camp

As we know that million of tourists come at pushkar to experiences the great culture heritage of this place . Pushkar is one of the most favorite tourist destination in India. Here, there are several historical places, haweli , Royal Forts, camel fair and lots more. What comes to your mind when you think about Pushkar . It is beautiful destination for tourist , you can explore the natural beautiful. Pushkar Karni Camp offers Pushkar Adventure Desert Camp . Pushkar Adventure camping getaway ensures a lot of fun, especially when experienced with your near and dear ones. Camping is not only thrilling but offers a lot of health benefits too. The peaceful atmosphere around the open, bright, and sunny surroundings put your mind in a complete state of relaxation.

The camping site is set up in a beautiful spot where you can feel one with nature and fill your lungs with a gush of fresh air. You can partake in activities such as Jeep safari, Bike riding, Camel safari and walks through the untouched villages of Pushkar. During the evening, gather around a bonfire and feel the warmth lighten your mind as you sing and dance to the tunes of your favorite beats, play games, or just while away your time admiring nature.

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